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Additional fees and Accessorial Services

Additional fees and Accessorial Services

Packing of fragile/delicate items (such as TVs, glass, etc.); packing and crating services not already listed within proposal; loading of bulky items (such as a motorcycle, piano’s, Large safes, Grandfather Clocks). Packing supplies such as additional boxes provided.

Shuttle Service:

if semi-trailer cannot get reasonably close to building or house for loading/unloading, a shuttle truck may be required to perform relocation at a minimum charge of $350 .

Stair Fee:

Additional fee if more than one full flight of stairs (7 Stairs is considered a flight of stairs).$75 each additional flight(7 Stairs).

Long carry:

First 75 feet are included. $75 each additional 75 foot increment.

T.V. and Mattresses

Under NO circumstance will we load a television onto a moving truck WITHOUT proper packaging. Please ask about what is considered proper packaging.

Mattress covers are required and not included.

Company minimum is $1,500.00 – Long Distance

If estimate includes a promised delivery window and the promise is not meet. Either the additional cost of the promise and or compensation of $25 per day will be subtracted from the final payment.